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How to Effectively Bridge the Gap for Dementia and Cognitive-Disorder Patients

Patients affected by dementia and other cognitive disorders usually struggle to accomplish daily living activities and maintain a high quality of life. These individuals often find it difficult to communicate with other people and express themselves, which is why they usually end up confused, misunderstood, and depressed. The situation only gets worse as their disorders progress.

old people gatheringThrough quality speech therapy, Physicians Choice Health Services is able to make a positive impact in the lives of our patients. You can expect the following benefits with the help of our highly-qualified and brilliant speech therapists.

  • Through careful diagnosis, patient’s abilities, deficits, patient / caregiver education, and treatment plans are determined
  • Personalized eating, feeding, and swallowing techniques help ensure safe and proper food intake for patients
  • The risks of decreased mobility, falls, as well as wound developments are also properly identified